The MX Player App Apk v 1.8.3 is released fell free to download it. You must like to see the beloved movies of yours in your mobile? If you do, then you must have the MX player on your smartphone. This app does not only help you to see the movies but also listen to music, TV shows and your stored video files. Yes, all this is possible if you have MX player on your phone. Let us see some aspects of this astonishing application. I have written about all the impressive features of mx player just after providing the download links for it below.

MX Player App Latest Version Info

  • The developer of this app: J2 Interactive
  • The most current version: 1.8.13
  • It is supported on Android: 2.3+/4.0+/6.0+
  • The file size: 18 MB

How You Can Download MX Player

You can find it from Play store and have it downloaded onto your mobile. There may be limitations in the interface which may lead to problems in downloading. It can be then also downloaded from its official website. You can follow the link below to download mx player apk on your computer.

Download MX Player APK Download (Official Website Link)

You have to copy the APK from your computer to your Android phone and installed onto your phone if you have downloaded it on your computer. On the other side if you directly download it on your phone then you don’t need to do it.

The Various Features Of MX Player

mx player apk download

Astonishing playback

If MX player is compared to other players, it can be seen that it supports almost all video file formats. It even supports the AVI, FLV, MKV and MOV formats.

Your file may be in any format. You can play any media files that you have downloaded onto your mobile using mx player.

If your system has good hardware speed, then this player lets you play a full HD movie. Can you imagine the pleasure that you will get watching an HD movie while you are on the move? (You can also watch free movies and TV shoes  using showbox.)

Furthermore, the incorporation of hardware and software decoding enables you to save battery life and have the best quality of video picture.

Authors Tip: Just by long tapping the play button you can play your video as a music file in the background. Isn’t it amazing?

Supports subtitle

If you love watching movies with subtitle, then you must have MX player. It supports all subtitle formats, and you can sync them into your video just by a swiping gesture. It lets you drop the subtitle file onto the screen; not only that you can position the caption and change the text format on screens itself. It even supports clear text which is a feature rare to find in other video players.

Boosting of audio

It may so happen that outside noise is not allowing you to hear the video sound properly or the sound itself is not very audible. You can boost the sound if you have the awesome mx player app downloaded onto your device. The feature of software decoding helps you to increase the sound to even 200%. This feature is one which enables you to hear even sound that is rarely audible using other players.

Playback Streams

Using this MX player, you not only can play the videos that you have saved on to your mobile but also network streams. As you click on the video link it automatically launches the video playback and you can see that. You can alternatively use the URL of the page that you want to buffer and the player will do that for you.

These are some amazing features of MX player. The swipe feature enables you to have a user experience that you would love to share with your friends. The child lock feature also lets improper usage when someone else uses your device.

You should without any delay use this player and have an experience which you never have before. You will feel like you are seating in a theater and watching the movie.

BlueStack Systems announced on August 13 that BlueStacks 4’s beta version is now available. The full official release is currently set for a mid-September release.

The latest version of BlueStacks focuses on making it quicker and more efficient and uses an on-demand architecture that lets it cater to the needs of both casual and core users. This extends not only to the UI but also how the BlueStacks has been optimized.

BlueStacks 4 Beta now supports even more games that originally couldn’t run on the platform, and even low-spec PCs should be able to run more games than before. Furthermore, it also adds more detailed key mapping features to make smartphone games closer to controlling a PC game.

You can read our article about Is BlueStacks Safe from here.

Read this article to know if bluestacks is safe or not. Learn the proper sources to download bluestacks without hurting your computer.

Hey, guys Raju here, again with a new tech post. Today’s post is about bluestacks. It is one of the most popular Android emulators out there. If you are among those, who don’t know about android emulators then for you, “An android emulator lets you run Android apps on your PC.” You can run any Android app on your Windows PC or Mac using BlueStacks or any other android emulator.

There are many Android emulators available on the web; however only a few are worthy of using. Few other good android emulators are like Andy, koplayer, memu, etc.So today’s tech question was asked by one of our visitors, she asked: “Is bluestacks safe?” So to answer the question i thought of writing this blog post instead of replying to her email directly. After publishing this article, i will just reply her with the link to this post.

Is BlueStacks Safe?

So the answer is yes it is. However, if you download bluestacks from a shady website which provides suspicious links, then you will face some issues while installing or while trying to install this app on your computer.If you ask me which are these shady websites then, my answer will be “you can’t tell.” Though i can tell if a site is shady by looking into the code, but for a normal user, it’s not possible.

So to be just on the safe side, I recommend you guys to download bluestacks from its official website or you can download it from sites like and Moreover, if you are looking for the bluestacks offline installer then you can directly download it from the link mentioned below.

Download BlueStacks for Windows 7

Well once you download the installer file, click on it twice. Then just follow the screen instructions to install bluestacks on your computer.

Raju’s Though

At first, when bluestacks was launched, it was completely free. However these days they are charging $24/month/User, which i think a bit much. Well, it’s not only a bit much it’s too much for an app like bluestacks. You better go with any other app like Andy to save money while enjoying the same features like bluestacks.