Is BlueStacks Safe? – Tech Question Answered By Raju

Read this article to know if bluestacks is safe or not. Learn the proper sources to download bluestacks without hurting your computer.

Hey, guys Raju here, again with a new tech post. Today’s post is about bluestacks. It is one of the most popular Android emulators out there. If you are among those, who don’t know about android emulators then for you, “An android emulator lets you run Android apps on your PC.” You can run any Android app on your Windows PC or Mac using BlueStacks or any other android emulator.

There are many Android emulators available on the web; however only a few are worthy of using. Few other good android emulators are like Andy, koplayer, memu, etc.So today’s tech question was asked by one of our visitors, she asked: “Is bluestacks safe?” So to answer the question i thought of writing this blog post instead of replying to her email directly. After publishing this article, i will just reply her with the link to this post.

Is BlueStacks Safe?

So the answer is yes it is. However, if you download bluestacks from a shady website which provides suspicious links, then you will face some issues while installing or while trying to install this app on your computer.If you ask me which are these shady websites then, my answer will be “you can’t tell.” Though i can tell if a site is shady by looking into the code, but for a normal user, it’s not possible.

So to be just on the safe side, I recommend you guys to download bluestacks from its official website or you can download it from sites like and Moreover, if you are looking for the bluestacks offline installer then you can directly download it from the link mentioned below.

Download BlueStacks for Windows 7

Well once you download the installer file, click on it twice. Then just follow the screen instructions to install bluestacks on your computer.

Raju’s Though

At first, when bluestacks was launched, it was completely free. However these days they are charging $24/month/User, which i think a bit much. Well, it’s not only a bit much it’s too much for an app like bluestacks. You better go with any other app like Andy to save money while enjoying the same features like bluestacks.

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